Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Date: 18 Jul 2007
Participants: E. Adli, A. Latina, D. Schulte, H. Braun, G. Rumolo, B. Jeanneret, I. Ahmed, F. Stulle (PSI), R. Tomas, Y. Papadopoulos

Bernard presents an update of his studies for the DB transfer line, "Optimizing the lattice for the DB transfer line" (here are his slides).

After the presentation a short discussion follows. Andrea will simulate the 1 to 1 correction in this transfer line, using placet. Then, we go around the table.

Erik : is making a simulation of the drive beam using placet. He needs to discuss with Frank Stulle (PSI) about the DB parameters. He is also working on a CLIC Note, and starting a study of the CSR (Coherent Synchrotron Radiation) emission.

Andrea is just back from Oxford. He spent a week at the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science, where he worked with Javier R. Lopez on Feedback Simulation studies in the ILC BDS. He helped J.R.L. in setting up the placet simulation of the ILC main linac and of the ILC BDS, in conjunction with their simulation environment based on MatLab and Simulink.

Frank (PSI) will spend two weeks at CERN to progress in his studies about the bunch compressors of the CLIC DB turnaround and the MB. He gives a short summary of his achievements. Here are his slides

Rogelio is working on the CLIC BDS optimization, and he is improving the integration of the diagnostics section in the collimation part of the CLIC BDS.

Giovanni is starting stdudying the fast beam-ion instability. He is implementing this effect in the code head-tail, considering that a future implementation of this phenomenon will also need to be included into placet.

Daniel states that the wall wakes in the RF cavities of the main linac is not a critical issue. Nevertheless we should implement the resistive wall wakes simulation in placet, for the most critical elements.

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