Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Date: 8 Nov 2006
Participants: E. Adli, W. Bruns, P. Eliasson, J. Kim, M. Korostelev, A. Latina, J. Resta Lopez, R. Tomas

Javier & Rogelio: Carried out non-linear collimation tests in the SPS.

Andrea: Prepared the seminar and also started CTF3 studies with PLACET

Warner: on vacation

Erik: Testing parameters

Jin: (Jin.Cheol.Kim@cern.ch) He got PLACET and ELEGANT installed and started CTF3 studies together with Andrea. Parallel studies on the Damping ring and the bunch compressor are also being carried out.

Maxim: BDS alignment by means of K-modulation. To be presented in the next meeting with more detail.

Peder: the tutorial and ILC workshop simulations.

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