Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Time: 16:00 8 Jun 2005
Place: 6/2-002
Participants: T. Asaka, P. Eliasson, A. Latina, J. Resta Lopez, D. Schulte

Takao showed the presentation he will give in London.

Some simulations with MAD seemed to give strange results when SR was taken into account. Daniel proposed that Takao should calculate the luminosity with Placet and compare this to SAD results. MAD results might be incorrect.

Javier is preparing a paper on his work on the non-linear collimation system.

Andrea has integrated the new routine mentioned at last meeting into Placet. He is currently doing some benchmarking. He also showed plots the emittance along the linac simulated with the new earth-curvature elements included.

Peder is running some main linac feedback simulations and is also preparing his presentation for the London meeting.

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