Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Date: 5 Sep 2007
Participants: D. Schulte, H. Braun, L. Rinolfi, B. Jeanneret, A. Latina, I. Ahmed, E. Adli, R. Zennaro, H. Shaker, R. Tomas, G. Rumolo, R. Talman (Cornell University)

We have a presentation: Richard Talman, Cornell University:
Emittance Growth in Bunch Compressing Chicanes (slides)

Experimental measurements of emittance growth in the CTF II test facility are simulated using the UAL string space charge intrabeam scattering formalism. One of the two puzzling aspects of the data \u2013 dependence on beam width \u2013 is shown to be due to the relatively low (40 MeV) energy. The same simulation applied at high energy (5 GeV) to the \u201cstandard chicane\u201d shows no similar dependence, presumably because CSR has become fully dominant.

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