Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Date: 27 Sep 2006
Participants: E. Adli, W. Bruns, P. Eliasson, M. Korostelev, A. Latina, J. Resta Lopez, G. Rumolo, D. Schulte, P. Skowronski, R. Tomas

This meeting was mainly devoted to the first Placet tutorial, see below.

Tour de table:

Javier is currently working on his thesis.

Maxim has been studying the effect of using quadrupole offsets vs dipole correctors in the BDS.

Andrea has been structuring the code in Placet to facilitate further changes/additions.

Peder explained that he, by using a Micado-like approach and orthonalisation of the bumps has found a more efficient set of knobs than the previously used. He is also trying to find out how to reduce the required cavity offsets.

Erik is setting up TBL in Placet.

--> He should talk to Igor to get a lattice from him.

Daniel said that he is preparing his ICAP presentation.

Piotr is also preparing his ICAP presentation. Daniel commented that at some point an interface between MAD & Placet has to be created.

Giovanni & Warner just came back from a meeting where G presented the Linear Colider ecloud activities. People showed interest in the HEADTAIL upgrades and also in W's grooved surface simulations. It is not clear why the SEY in W's simulations is almost twice as large as in Wang's simulations.

Rogelio was responsible for the FIRST PLACET TUTORIAL. The material from the Placet tutorials will be stored in /afs/cern.ch/eng/sl/lintrack/TEX/PLACET_Tutorials .

Finally a new tutorial was scheduled for friday 6 October at 16.30. The topic will be "Simple correction procedures for the main linac". Andrea or possibly Peder will take care of the tutorial.

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