Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Date: 26 Jul 2006
Participants: W. Bruns, P. Eliasson, M. Korostelev, A. Latina, J. Resta Lopez, D. Schulte

Javier explained that he has continued his studies of cleaning inefficiency. Since last week he has used monochromatic beam with energy different from the nominal. For the hor. plane things look good, slightly worse for the vertical plane. Collimator might be placed at wrong phase?! The difference between the non-linear and linear CS is still clearly visible when monochromatic beams are used, indicating high betatron cleaning inefficiency.

--> Javier should make phase space plots and find initial conditions for particles that escape the cleaning.

Andrea has studied the use of BC for DFS in ILC. There was a problem with the curved linac and scale errors, which has to be solved. He has also tried to find a reason for the small jump in emittance that always occur at the end of the linac when DFS is used.

Peder said that he made some last plots for Jeff Smith who presented the CERN contribution to the ILC project at the Vancouver meeting. He also explained that a first version of a PLACET routine for bump performance estimation has been created and apart from the setup of the bumps that only has to be done once the routine finds the optimum knob settings in fractions of a second instead of in hours as for the complete simulation. So far no dynamic effects have been included.

--> Continue work on the bump routine and start studying the effect of dynamic effects on tuning.

Daniel reported from the Vancouver meeting. The ILC will be very expensive and during the meeting it was discussed how the costs may be reduced. Only one tunnel was one suggestion. Reducing the luminosity to 50% was another. Daniel was during the meeting selected to write some parts of the next ILC report. Daniel also mentioned that he had read the list of priorities for european R&D for accelerators. The list was promising for CLIC and is publically available.

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