Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Date: 25 Oct 2006
Participants: E. Adli, P. Eliasson, J. Kim, M. Korostelev, A. Latina, L. Neukermans, J. Resta Lopez, H. Shaker, R. Tomas


For the BDS alignment study he wants to change the order of elements (quadrupole,BPM, corrector).


Valencia LHC upgrade workshop.


New version of PLACET with a redesigned data structure. He is also studying the use of the bunch compressor for the linac, CLIC meeting on the 3rd of November.


ongoing work on deceleration.

Jincheol B, Kim:

Preparing CTF3 simulations with Elegant for comparison with PLACET. Some problems with

compilation of Elegant.


Generating the halo at the end of the linac and investigating a possible bug.


Valencia LHC upgrade workshop.


Tutorial. The files can be found in /afs/cern.ch/eng/sl/lintrack/TEX/PLACET_Tutorials/DispersionFreeSteering

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