Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Date: 16 May 2007
Participants: A. Latina, H. Burkhardt, E. Adli, M. Korostelev, Y. Papaphilippou, D. Schulte, H. Braun, R. Tomas, K. Elsener

Erik reports about his progresses with the PETS simulations. He is studying the alignment of the structures and has planned to test DFS.

Maxim updates about BDS alignment. He is studying the alignment when multipoles are ON and when the BPM resolution is not perfect.

Helmut has been occupied with a Geant4 review. He has had to give a review of the synchrotron radiation emission procedures.

Andrea reports about his progresses with the simulations of the Bunch Compressor used for Beam-Based Alignment of the Main Linac, for CLIC. Besides that, he has also been working with Rogelio on the simulation of the diagnositc sections of the CLIC BDS. Moreover, he has been working with a guest, Steve Malton, on the integration of BDSIM with PLACET.

Warner communicates that, as Giovanni has been using Faktor2 for a while, they have had the chance to discover and fix several bugs in the code. They managed to simulate the anti-chambers. Concerning the code, he also reports about some new improvements: now the 3d works as well as the mesh refinements. In 3d the code is still a bit slow, though.

Rogelio has some good results : he shrunk the diagnostic section and managed to put it in the last part of the main linac. He is planning to use BDSIM to perform realistic simulations of the BDS collimators.

Daniel has been busy with the CLIC Parameter Meetings. He made a new lattice for the CLIC Linac (taking into account the new parameters) and made some tolerance studies. He also studied how dynamic errors impact on luminosity.

Konrad has been working on the Beamstrahlung and he talked to the instrumentation group. He points out that luminosity measurement could be difficult because of background due to synchrotron radiation.

A discussion follow the individual contributions.

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