Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Date: 15 Aug 2007
Participants: E. Adli, A. Latina, D. Schulte, H. Braun, H. Shaker, R. Corsini, I. Ahmed, I. Agapov, K. Elsener, R. Tomas

Erik presents his module that implements the Coherent Synchrotron Radiation (CSR) emission in the PLACET's Sector Bends (Sbend). Here are the slides.

After the presentation a short discussion follows, then we go around the table.

Hamed : is progressing in the bunch length measurements and he is also working on writing a CLIC note about it. Simulations made with placet agree with the results obtained with other codes (Parmela).

Andrea : reports about the outcomes of the Frank Stulle's visit. Starting from the Frank's design of the BC1 and BC2 for the CLIC Main Linac, he has made a placet simulation of these bunch compressors. The simulations confirm the Frank's results. Moreover, using a preliminary design of the Booster linac (made by Arnaud Ferrari), he has managed to simulate the whole "Rings To Main Linac" lattice (RTML) : BC1 + BOOSTER LINAC + BC2. The simulation did not include the tranfer line and the arcs, but they will be included as soon as possible.

Ijaz : installed placet, HTGEN and he is starting studying the examples of the ILC BDS in order to simulate the Halo and Tail Generation in the CLIC Beam Delivery System.

Rogelio : has not yet a final design for the BDS but he is working on it

Daniel : is performing a study of all the optimization procedures for the new set of parameters.

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