Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Time: 16:00 13 Jul 2005
Place: 6/2-002
Participants: T. Asaka, H. Braun, W. Bruns, P. Eliasson, A. Latina, J. Resta Lopez, D. Schulte, F. Tecker, P. Urshuetz, F. Zimmermann

Hans wondered if the undulators could be something for Maxim to work on when his thesis is finished.

Frank Z reported that he had a talk about CLIC in Uppsala.

Andrea explained that he has been working on Kalman filter and neural networks implementation of the feedbacks in placet.

Peter said that he has continued his Parmela simulations. Now the chicane is included in the simulations. Horizontal emittance increase of roughly 90μm (offcrest in 1st and 2nd structure). Frank T pointed out that this is mainly due to chromatic effects.

Warner has done research on how to solve the Poisson equation. He has also started working on a code for this using multigrid. This will be used for electron cloud simulations. Solving by using Fourier transform is also possible but not as fast. Hans wondered if magnetic fields are always neglectable. Warner said it would be possible to include magnetostatics in the code, but daniel pointed out the magnetic fields are negelectable since very few particles have v > 0.1c.

Frank T said that a new fellow starts in November, working on CTF3 topics and MAD-X.

Frank Z wondered if there would be any talks from the CLIC-group during the MAD-X workshop. Hans proposed a few possible talks (e.g syncrotron radiation in quads).

Peder showed results from simulations of the importance of the laserwire size, when a wide laserwire is used to obtain a tuning signal for emittance/luminosity tuning bumps. He also said that he has started simulations on IP parameter tuning.

Daniel is studying beam-beam feedbacks for the BDS. He is also studying dispersion free steering both for CLIC and ILC.

Javier reported that he is testing a new BDS lattice. He will make sure that Twiss parameters at FFS entrance are ok and will compare the performance of the lattice to the one of the linear system.

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