Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Time: 16:00 12 Jan 2005
Place: 6/2-002
Participants: T. Asaka, H. Burkhardt, P. Eliasson, M. Korostelev, J. Resta Lopez, F. Ruggiero, D. Schulte, F. Tecker, F. Zimmermann

Daniel gave some general information about the status of the new proposal for EUROTeV. The proposal had been well received and everything is more or less settled. The papers will be signed in February. This means that 3 fellows, 1 associate and 1 staff can be contracted. It will have to be hired:

A job description is necessary for the fellow working with Frank. There will be a EUROTeV phone meeting 19 Jan.

Tour de Table:

Takao explained that he has created a program to convert MAD- to SAD-input files. He has also done SAD-simulations of the momentum dependence of the beta-function and the dispersion.

Javier showed the results of MAD8-simulations of the bandwidth at the IP (both with and without taking synchrotron radiation into account). For the case without synchrotron radiation he and Takao showed a comparison between MAD8 and SAD results, which exhibited good agreement. They also both showed phase plane plots at the IP obtained with MAD8 and SAD. Further comparisons of the tracking will be carried out since the input distributions for SAD and MAD where different.

MAD8/SAD bandwidth comparison (bwidthSADMAD.ps 14kb)
MAD8 bandwidth computation with SR (bwidthSRcorrection.ps 11kb)

At this point it was mentioned that one should be aware of the fact that MAD8 is no longer supported. There were also some comments about the non-symmetric bandwidth curves and whether this indicates that the centre of the beam should be moved.

Helmut reported that he will possibly implement his routines for synchrotron radiation generation in GEANT4.

Daniel showed plots of the bandwidth at the IP calculated with Placet, which showed reasonable agreement. He also informed that he is simulating the alignment of the CTF3 decelerator and that he has done some debugging of Placet. (Placet is now possible to run with both Tk8.3 and Tk8.4.)

Bandwidth calculated with Placet (bandwidth.ps 23kb)

Peder has started examining the possibility of using a laserwire scanner as a signal for luminosity tuning.

Maxim mentioned that he was preparing a talk about his measurements at ATF in December.

Frank Z. said that he has once again debugged the Touschek-lifetime simulations. He also mentioned that he will have a presentation about his work on the CLIC damping ring. Both his and Maxim's presentation will take place during the CLIC-meeting the 14 Jan.

Frank T. reported that he has been updating the survey and optics files for the CTF3 lattice. CTF3 is to be started up in April.

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