Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Time: 16:00 11 May 2005
Place: 6/2-002
Participants: T. Asaka, R. Corsini, P. Eliasson, A. Latina, J. Resta Lopez, D. Schulte, F. Tecker, P. Urschuetz, C. Welsch

Daniel started by presenting Andrea Latina who will be working as a fellow on integrated luminosity performance in CLIC.

Takao and Javier showed plots of Luminosity vs βy* simululated with SAD, MAD and Placet and compared to the theoretical values obtained by using the Oide-formula. The effects of horizontal size have not been taken into account in the Oide-calculations.

Peder showed the latest results from the luminosity tuning bumps study. These results show that by using 5 bumps 97% of the luminosity can be recovered when a gaussian noise of σ=3%. The results will be presented at PAC05. See link below.

Luminosity tuning bumps

Roberto proposed that the emittance along the line should be plotted for the final knobsetting obtained when tuning the luminosity bumps.

Andrea had implemented an element to include the earth curvature in Placet simulations.

Peter showed simulations he had performed with Parmela up to the end of the injector. He had compared the emittances for the situation they had last year with the new couls built in during the last shutdown. He also considered the operation with the new sub harmonic bucnhers and a potential exchange of shb3 woth the pre-buncher. See the links below for more information.


Daniel reported that Ronen has been studying the trajectory change caused by dipole kicks in the linac and compared it to measured values. In some cases there was a factor of roughly 2 between the simulations and measurements. Roberto pointed out that Ronen might not have the right information about the corrector used and possibly its position. This is still to be understood. Roberto also said that probably there will be no time to test thist during the first CTF3 run (Sep - Dec). When there is machine time available for this Ronen should be invited to CERN to complete the study.

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