Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Date: 9 Jan 2008
Participants: D. Schulte, H. Burkhardt, H. Braun, L. Rinolfi, B. Jeanneret, A. Latina, I. Ahmed, E. Adli, O. Mete, A. Dabrowski, R. Zennaro, T. Lefevre, G. Rumolo, H. Shaker

Erik presents his work on "Beam dynamics, instrumentation and measurements for the TBL" (here the slides)

Giovanni presents the results of his first studies on fast ion-beam instability.

Daniel performed simulations of Beam Based Alignment in the transfer lines. It seems that 1-to-1 correction allows to correct a quad spacing up to 20 meters.

Andrea has introduced in PLACET the calculation of the transfer matrix, given a beamline. This would allow : fast tracking, faster multibunch studies, optics calculations

Helmut is cleaning up the HTGEN code, in order to include it into placet.

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Last updated: March 12, 2008