Minutes from Beamdynamics meeting

Date: 04 Apr 2007
Participants: A. Latina, H. Burkhardt, M. Korostelev, D. Schulte, H. Braun, R. Tomas, K. Elsener

Maxim presents his progresses in "Beam-Based Alignment of the CLIC BDS". He points out that the correction should be done when 6-poles and 8-poles are switched off, because the response matrix only takes into account the linear elements. When the non-linear elements are off, the 1-to-1 correction converges in 1 step; when the non-linear elements are turned on, more steps of alignment are required. Daniel proposes to try Dispersion Free Steering.

Rogelio reports about the instrumentation sections for the CLIC BDS. He is pursuing two goals :
- coupling correction
- emittance measurement
which require the insertion of :
- 4 skew quads
- 4 laserwires
With such requisites the diagnostic section would be 1 km long: the skew quadrupoles would stay in the first 400 meters, placed at 90 deg phase advance in y. Hans asks if the skew quads can be included in the linac. Daniel says that this can be done, but first we should make a design using the existing BDS and LINAC. A discussion follows.

After the discussion, we rapidly go around the table.

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